Security & Data Protection

Your data and its safety is one of the highest goods in terms of privacy and business' integrity. 4bowl works with professional security standards to protect your center's data and connections, incoming and outgoing alike. Internal log-files and statistics help you keep an eye on everything. A constant backup cycle ensures your data is safe at any time.

Safe Connections

While your customers book online in your center, their connections through the internet are encrypted. 4bowl uses a certified safety standard (SSL protocol) providing this.

4bowl protects your center from data abuse

With modern IT mechanisms, 4bowl monitors all incoming bookings on your website. Furthermore 4bowl will prevent any malware from blocking your reservation plan online.

Constant Backups

A regular backup cycle secures your center's data on a continuous basis. If a data set entry is accidentally deleted by your staff, we can restore it for you as quickly as possible.

Protecting data and privacy policies

Your customers decide by themselves if they want to subscribe to your newsletters. In case someone of your staff forgets the log-in data, it can be renewed only. For this reason, we provide a professional support hotline.

Transparent management

Through internal statistics and log files, retrace every change made by your staff in the center. Oversee all e-mail traffic between 4bowl and your customers.