Favorable. Stable. Fair.

90 days - Money back guarantee

Start working with your 4bowl system in a three-months-lasting trial period. In this period you enjoy access to all of our services. If you are not satisfied with 4bowl after this time, you will get your money back.

Stable prices

Your price stays stable. After analyzing your business' degree of capacity we transparently set up the best-fitting price-model for you. This price remains, even if we change our pay scale in the future.

Best price guarantee

We work out appropriate conditions alongside your business' monthly degree of capacity. If you receive a comparable proposal by a business competitor offering low-priced conditions, let us know. We analyze and provide advise towards potential risks.

Tariff overview for bowling center

The features are identical in all tariffs. The difference is between the calculation.


This flexible form of payment starts with a small basic charge per lane and is regulated by the number of bookings monthly.


Moderate method of payment by focusing on the number of bowling lanes. A basic charge per lane covers all your monthly bookings.


A flat rate independently from your number of bowling lanes and the amount of bookings on a monthly base.

All prices are exclusive of value added tax.
Errors and price alterations reserved.