API - Connections

Leverage the seamless integration with 4bowl. Our platform provides you not only with a comprehensive reservation tool, but also an integrated interface with other leading systems such as Zapier, scoring providers like NGT, or simply our open API.

Zapier (BETA)

Zapier is an online automation tool that connects various apps together. With Zapier, you can create automated processes, known as "Zaps," which perform tasks between different apps automatically, without you having to write any code. What does this mean for you and your center? By integrating Zapier into 4bowl, you can synchronize your bookings, customer information, and other relevant data automatically with hundreds of other apps. This significantly eases the management of your data, allowing you to focus more on what's really important - servicing your customers. For example, each time a new booking is made in 4bowl and certain pre-set criteria are met, Zapier automatically creates an additional entry in your Google Calendar or an email notification is sent when a reservation is cancelled under certain criteria. With 4bowl and Zapier, you work more efficiently and smarter. Harness the power of automation and discover how 4bowl and Zapier can take your center to the next level.

>> zapier.com


At 4bowl, we understand the importance of efficient data transmission and processing. Therefore, we are proud to offer a seamless interface with NGT, a renowned scoring system manufacturer. This integration allows bookings to be launched directly and customer information to be transmitted in real-time. The process begins with a separate check-in where all necessary customer information is collected. This includes, for example, the names of all players and their shoe sizes. Once this information is collected, it is transmitted directly to the NGT system. This seamless process reduces administrative effort and allows you to focus on what really counts: your customers. The integration of 4bowl and NGT not only optimizes your operational processes but also significantly improves the customer experience. With less waiting time and a more efficient check-in process, your customers will surely appreciate the improved service quality. Experience the benefits of the 4bowl-NGT integration and take your center to the next level of efficiency and customer satisfaction.

>> ngt-bowling.com

Public API

The Public API from 4bowl offers extensive possibilities to smartly manage your recreational facilities. In addition to standard functions such as retrieving booking data or customer management, our API also allows real-time control of environmental elements. For example, you can automatically switch the lighting of your squash areas on and off when a booking starts or ends. This not only increases energy efficiency, but also elevates the customer experience to a new level. With the 4bowl Public API, the boundaries of your business can be expanded, and individual, innovative solutions for your leisure center can be created.

At 4bowl, we are constantly striving to expand and improve our offerings to meet the diverse needs of our customers. We understand that every center is unique and has different requirements. That's why we continuously work on expanding our integration possibilities.